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ILIAS Solutions has been providing its customers for 20 years with an advanced vehice fleet management platform that allows to monitor special-purpose vehicles and support their logistics and deployment. Our systems collect high volumes of data that provide an interesting potential for further analysis on the condition of these assets and on new state-of-the-art sustainment concepts, e.g. Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).

We started collaborating with the EluciDATA Lab of Sirris via a small-scale project studying the feasibility of realizing a Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS). The study revealed interesting opportunities and as a result, we decided to participate in a large-scale innovation project at European level; the support of the Lab was essential for securing the R&D funding. As a subsequent step, we are setting up a joint local R&D project to continue our research collaboration. 

The EluciDATA Lab enables our R&D capability: we acquired expertise related to data science and are extending our platform with advanced HUMS functionality which provides us with a differentiating capability to the benefit of our customers.

ILIAS Solutions (21.09.2018)
Defence Logistics Information Systems

3E has been collaborating with the EluciDATA Lab before it even was a dedicated lab within Sirris. Over the course of the last 10 years, we worked together on student internships, master theses, a dedicated PhD track and numerous research projects. In this way, the EluciDATA Lab has naturally become an extension of iLab, our internal research lab: the data expertise of the Sirris team perfectly complements the expertise in renewable energy of our domain experts. We especially value the industrial mindset of the EluciDATA Lab's members: their ability to define tangible research goals aligned with our business objectives, their willingness to understand our domain and to analyse the complex data we provide them with, and their openness to discuss their research results, receive feedback and improve. We recently won yet another research project together, so we are very happy that our collaboration in the next few years is secured!

3E (31.08.2018)
Accelerating the energy transition


My internship at Sirris was extremely exciting and instructive. The research environment at Sirris offered me the opportunity to experiment elaborately with new technologies, of which some were less covered during my education. I had the freedom to execute the whole project independently and at any time I could rely on my internship supervisor Mathias for help. That’s why I got a lot of satisfaction from my work and I felt part of the Sirris team. To students who like to take up a challenge and are fascinated by finding solutions for interesting problems, I would definitively recommend Sirris as an internship location!

Toon De Pauw (07.09.2018)
Student ICT at Odisee University College

As a MSc student in IT Engineering, I chose “Process mining techniques to profile the functioning of industrial machines” as my master’s thesis, guided by Sirris. I thought it would be an interesting challenge to be taken out of my comfort zone and explore emerging technologies within the scope of process mining. Of course, with support and help coming from experienced data scientists such as Mathias. In short, as a result of striking the right balance between independent work and professional guidance, I can say my thesis was brought to a succesful end - it was even presented at the European Conference on Data Analysis in Germany!

Jonas Maeyens (03.09.2018)
MSc Student in IT Engineering