Starter Kits - A reference implementation of concrete AI solutions for industrial use cases

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Our approach to AI adoption in industrial contexts

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The Starter Kits we have developed generalize and distil the AI needs of specific industrial use cases, which provide a source of inspiration.

  1. Concretely the Starter Kits are self-contained collections of autodidactic material, providing a description of a specific data innovation topic in terms of its business goal, data-related requirements & challenges, relevant data science tasks, etc. These also contain a documented proof-of-concept solution, using public datasets, illustrating which machine learning methods to use and how they should be combined.
  2. The Starter Kits also include relevant links to technology/literature, guidelines and best practices, regulations…

As depicted in the figure below, the Starter Kits tackle a wide variety of industrial problem settings, illustrated on specific use cases from different domains. They can be made available to you as a reference solution for data-related innovation problems arising in your specific context.


To guide you in the process of selecting the most appropriate Starter Kit(s) for your company-specific problem setting, each Starter Kit is accompanied by a Starter Kit Passport. Each passport contains:

  • a well-defined description of the business context and goal that is dealt with in the Starter Kit,
  • the application contexts in which the presented data-driven approach can be useful,
  • the specific data requirements that need to be satisfied in order to realize such kind of data-driven solution, as well as
  • a clear description of the use case we used to illustrate the process.

These passports in itself thus already provide you with a lot of valuable knowledge on the types of problems you can solve with a data-driven solution, instantiated with examples from a variety of industrial domains.

Additionally, we have set up the SKAIDive project, which aims at realizing an interactive learning and experimenting environment along with a training trajectory around these Starter Kits. This will allow companies to acquire hands-on knowledge and skills to apply AI, Machine Learning and Data Science techniques for concrete industrial challenges. 

Request access to our freely available passports of each Starter Kit.

Please note that the Starter Kit Passports are only accessible to registered users, so please first register here.

Disclaimer: the portal (including the interactive Starter Kits and video tutorials) is currently under development. 

Our experts can also support you in this endeavour via our complementary proof-of-concept realization service, during which we guide you towards a quick proof-of-concept realization of your data-related innovation challenge. For more details, please check out our service description page.