Training for Industry

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Why: you want to acquire internal knowledge on different aspects of data innovation

What: we transfer knowledge on different topics related to data-driven innovation, from high(er)-level business understanding to low(er)-level technological realizations


  • Mastercourse sessions - Interactive courses with a small number of participants from different companies on specific data innovation topics. You can check out the different sessions here.
  • On-site courses – Interactive course at your company’s premises for your company employees tailored to your specific data challenges
  • Training-in-residence - Intensive training program at your company’s premises with an individual employee working on your specific data challenges
    • resulting in algorithms and tools developed during the training + a technical report on how to attack your challenges


  • Course notebook containing all the presentation slides of the training session
  • Reference realisations of case studies and exercises related to the training session


New cycle starting in January 2019!
Check out our Mastercourse description page