Technology Scouting

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Why: you need to make technological choices for realizing your data science solution (e.g. databases, front-end technologies, visualization libraries, processing platforms, ...), but are confronted with the huge list of available options that are all only slightly different, but promise the same, evolve at a rapid pace, do not necessarily interoperate, etc.

What: we summarize the state-of-the-art and help you make motivated technological choices


  • Requirements elicitation: we elicit relevant functional and technological requirements
  • Technological state-of-the-art: we identify and compare relevant technological platforms, libraries, toolkits, algorithms, ...
  • Reference architecture
    • we define a reference architecture and suitable data format(s)
    • we instantiate this architecture with selected technological components in an initial proof-of-concept


  • State-of-the-art report: a detailed document with links to relevant technologies and an evaluation of alternatives in function of the identified requirements
  • A proof-of-concept architecture instantiation: a reference prototype implementation demonstrating the suitability of the designed architecture for the business goals in mind
  • Architecture manual: a documented specification of the realized architecture