Plateforme Intelligente de Composition d'équipes qui génèrent un surplus de créativité (PICesc)

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Intelligent platform, AI-matchmaking approaches

Project description 

VO Group is a Brussels communication agency providing, among others, a service (called Lab) organized around brainstorming sessions aiming to address a communication or business-related question/problem raised by a customer. Through their own experience in organizing these sessions, VO Group has realized that finding the right combination of participant profiles (consisting of a moderator and several contributors) is key to stimulate creativity among the participants and contribute to a successful session. This project aims to research the factors (participant characteristics and circumstances) susceptible to result in a creativity boost and to research appropriate AI-based matchmaking approaches for composing a combination of participant profiles able to provide the desired creativity boost given a question/problem to be addressed.

Project partners

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Project details

September 2020 - August 2022

WIth the financial support of 

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