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data-driven innnovation for SMEs, knowledge sharing, experience sharing.

Project description

Futures By Design (FBD) aims to enable less prosperous SMEs, in regions of lower economic success, to innovate, grow or increase productivity. SMEs are often critical to regional economies but their capacity for success can be limited due to insufficient access to data and the inability to analyse data to drive innovation and improved results.

FBD will work with SMEs in each partner region, sharing knowledge, ideas and regional experiences to support SMEs to become more data-driven and better informed about the economic, technological, policy and supply changes that will shape their futures.

FBD will create a virtual transnational horizon-scanning and knowledge transfer (HSKT) hub connecting 6 real hubs in each region to support sustainable SME growth, innovation and productivity.

The project regions are Cambridgeshire (UK), Antwerp & West Flanders (B), Groningen (NL), Osterholz (DE), Halland (SE) and Fryslan (NL). Each region has a sub-region of lower economic success.

Project partners

Open Manufacturing Campus, Sirris, Strategische Projecten Kempen, AteneKom, Provinsje Fryslan, NHL Stenden Hogeschool, University of Groningen GmBH, University of Groningen Spatial Sciences, Northern Knowledge, Stichting Katholieke Universiteit Brabant (JADS), Alexandersoninstitutet, Anglia Ruskin University

Project details

Start date: 07/01/2019

End date: 28/02/2022

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