AI for the logistics domain (AI4CAST)

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logistics, AI, data encryption, data sharing

Project description 

With supply chains becoming ever more complex, just in time is becoming the new norm and, as a result, unplanned events such as delays are causing major problems for companies: additional costs, extra transport, overwork, etc. Therefore predicting and planning should be as accurate as possible and take into account the entire supply chain. 

The AI4Cast project aims at supporting companies from the logistics domain in:

  • Evaluating how modern technologies such as Blockchain, data encryption and AI can enable data sharing throughout the supply chain and can enable real-time and proactive prediction and planning
  • Introducing such technologies in the working environment of those companies. 

In this context, the following activities are planned: 

  • Detailed research into the functioning of the supply chains, the disrupting factors and the consequences for the supply chain (operational, qualitative, financial)
  • Research into the current approach and degree of automation, supply chain data analysis methods
  • Research into the cranking effect in the supply chain (bull whip)
  •  Research into technologies for collecting, processing and (securely) sharing data: machine learning, blockchain, encryption, ...
  • Industrial research into AI solutions for supply chain planning
  • Proof of Concept(s) - development and testing (in collaboration with the participating companies) of an AI-based software application that, linked with existing systems, can guarantee chain-wide, real-time and proactive supply chain prediction & planning
  • Quick scan tool - development of a decision tree that can help companies make the right technological and application choice for their specific case

Project partners


This project is in collaboration with the software engineering group of Sirris. 

Project details 

Start date: 01/03/2020

End date: 31/03/2022

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