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The Small Ring of Brussels is Getting Gradually Cured from Covid-19
This is the third in a series of blogs, in the context of the MISTic project. This blog we zoom into the traffic situation of the small ring of Brussels since the beginning of the restrictions until now, guided by some elucidating visual analytics.
On 11/06, the EluciDATA Lab will be giving a presentation on how process modelling and data science can support companies active in the food processing business to enhance their business. In particular, it will be shown how modelling goes beyond the process and can include applications for...
This is the second in a series of blogs, in the context of the MISTic project. In this second blog, we focus on the evolution of traffic during the relaxations of the restrictions, and on providing answers to questions such as “What is the effect from each relaxation of the restrictions on the Brussels traffic?” and “Do people consistently obey the restrictions?”.
Insightful blueprints of Brussels traffic emerge in times of covid-19
In the context of the MISTic project, the EluciDATA Lab of Sirris started in the beginning of 2020 to gather publicly available data of the traffic in Brussels. At that moment, we did not have the slightest suspicion that the escalation of the corona epidemic will deliver a unique real-world dataset for our research. We are happy to share some of our very preliminary findings in this blog. More to follow in the upcoming weeks.
On January 23 rd , Agoria, Voka, imec and Sirris with the support of VLAIO organized the first Flanders AI Forum with the presence of Hilde Crevits, Viceminister-president, Vlaams minister van Economie, Innovatie, Werk, Social economie en Landbouw, to present different initiatives in the framework...