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In the framework of the campaign "Artificial Intelligence to boost your SME" by the FPS Economie, the EluciDATA Lab together with the company 3E shared their experience around their collaboration in an interview. More information: here .
Programming is for men! With roughly 23 % 1 female workers in the IT sector in Belgium, this assumption seems to suggest itself. And still, the first person ever regarded to be a programmer was a woman – namely Ada Lovelace back in 1843. Supported by her mother – in her opinion to prevent her from...
Is traffic volume correlated to Covid-19 infections?
This blog is inspired by a quote of virologist Steven Van Gucht in Het Journaal on December 9: “... what is striking is that we move more often... and we know that that is a pretty good prediction of the future number of new infections." Since vehicle counts data is closely connected to people’s movements, it is worthwhile to investigate whether Steven Van Gucht’s statement is valid, i.e., how well traffic intensity correlates with Covid-19 infections.
The EluciDATA Lab of Sirris successfully initiates three new thematic ICON projects on AI With the Flemish Policy Plan on Artificial Intelligence, which started in 2019, Flanders invests 32 million euros annually in Artificial Intelligence (AI). As part of this plan, VLAIO launched a special call...
Run-up in Brussels Traffic Towards the 2nd Covid-19 Peak
In this fourth of a series of blogs concerning the traffic situation in Brussels in times of Covid-19 restrictions, we bring an update of the development of the traffic by comparing it with pre-Covid-19 outbreak times. For the first time we got access to more than two years of historical data before Covid-19 restrictions, which enables us to extract even more insights than we could before.