How to leverage data to reliably benchmark asset performance?

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Many companies operate a multitude of (nearly identical) machines, such as wind turbines, compressors or professional vehicles, and are able to continuously monitor the operation of these machines thanks to ever-ongoing evolutions in sensor, communication and data storage technologies. The ability to compare an asset against its peers makes it possible to better distinguish the physical performance and characteristics of the asset from the influence of its operational environment, allowing for identification of underperformance, misconfigurations, and impending failures. Companies able to fully leverage the capabilities of data analytics can achieve better actionable insights and significant operational efficiency improvements.

In this webinar, we will zoom in on how to leverage data to reliably benchmark asset performance. Several methods will be presented to compare assets in terms of operational performance, for which their main advantages and disadvantages will be explained in detail, as well as the most important data characteristics and parameters to take into account. The techniques will be illustrated by real-world industrial case studies, showing how the methods can be used to highlight performance trends, detect underperforming assets and identify anomalous operating behaviour.


The working language for this session is English.


275 EUR (exclusive of VAT)

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