Tools: Arrowhead Tools for Engineering of Digitalisation Solutions (Arrowhead-Tools)

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IoT, data analytics, automatic (re)configuration, renewable energy

Project Description

The Arrowhead Tools project aims for digitalization and automation solutions for the European industry, which will provide engineering processes, integration platform, tools and tool chains for the cost-efficient development of digitalisation, connectivity and automation system solutions in various fields of application. 

In this general context, the Belgian industrial partner 3E in collaboration with Sirris will realize IoT and data analytics technologies for reducing engineering costs, focusing on two concrete uses cases:

  • auto- and re-configuration of the SynaptiQ software service platform using Arrowhead Tools technology that allows to reduce the engineering effort related to connecting over 300 000 devices in the field
  • secure bi-directional communication for control purposes by integrating IoT technology onto local gateways.

In this context, Sirris’ main goals will be to acquire new knowledge related to the realization and application of advanced data-driven methodologies for identifying anomalous (hardware and software) configurations, generating corresponding alarms and providing appropriate recommendations for resolving the issue. The methodologies will be validated within the use cases mentioned above.

Project partners (Belgium)

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Project details

Start date: 01/04/2019

End date: 31/03/2022

With the support of

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