The power of data visualisation - Heverlee (new session) - PAST

This session focuses on:

  • How can data visualisation help you to make sense of your data and facilitate advanced data exploration and analytics?
  • What data visualisation methods exist and what kind of data can they most effectively represent?
  • How to choose the most appropriate visualisation for identifying insights and communicating results?

Description of the session:

Data visualisation is a powerful mechanism useful in several phases of the data science workflow: it supports data exploration and understanding and enables to present insights extracted from this data to users. However, choosing the most effective data visualisation method is not straightforward. If not selected carefully, inappropriate visualisations might lead to incorrect interpretations. Choosing the most effective visualisation not only requires knowing which methods exist and are most suited (i.e. which methods to use based on the characteristics of the data), but also requires knowledge about the domain (i.e. what is the data about), knowledge about the problem (i.e. what needs to be shown), and knowledge about human perception (i.e. how to represent data in the most understandable way and how to draw a user's attention to the most important information items).

The goal of this session is to give an overview of the existing data visualisation methods and of how they can be most effectively used to highlight important data properties, emphasize trends, reveal hidden patterns, etc.


Target audience: 


The mastercourse is open to any company that is interested in data innovation as an opportunity for its company and activities. For this mastercourse some basic analytic skills (e.g. high-level understanding of algebra and interpretation of statistical figures) is a prerequisite.

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