The art of formulating a data science task

This session will focus on: 

  • What is data science and which opportunities for innovation does it offer? 
  • What industrial challenges can be tackled thanks to data science, and what kind of data and skills do you need to have available to realise those?
  • What are the most important steps in the data science workflow which need to be taken in order to arrive at a data-driven solution?

Description of the session: 

The goal of this session is to offer an overview of data science and its opportunities for innovation from an industrial point of view. By means of actual cases from current data innovation projects in several domains, the iterative and creative path from business understanding to data exploitation will be described. To this end, the different steps in the data science workflow will be described. Particular attention will be given to the kind of challenges that can be tackled, and the data and skills that you need to have available in order to realise those challenges. Furthermore, some common beliefs about data analytics as a commodity are debunked.

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